White Wedding Skirt Ty-Died Pink

My husband’s sister got married this summer and I love weddings. We were in her wedding party and we were all asked to wear all white. I knew I wanted to make an outfit for her wedding but as the day got closer I was running out of time. I tried to buy something on-line but couldn’t find anything I liked that was also nursing friendly. I would be wearing the outfit all day and wanted easy and comfortable access to the "milk makers". I had found one dress but hated it so the night before the wedding I decided to stay up and make this skirt. I ended up staying up till 2am but I got it done.


I also made my girl’s dresses for the wedding too.


After the wedding I really wanted to wear this skirt but have you ever tried to keep white white with small kids? It is painful. I didn’t want the stress so I decided to dye the skirt and change the buttons.

I bought Rit liquid dye Rose Quartz and followed the directions on the bottle. I wanted more of a ty-dy look so I didn’t wet my material before. I put the white skirt in a big bowl and poured the hot dye over the skirt then added water till it covered the skirt. I let it sit for an hour and washed it out. It was seriously so easy and now I want to dye more clothes.

I exchanged the white buttons with wooden buttons with these I found off Amazon

I really love the skirt more now that it is a color. I wear it more too.